Down in the valley

June 2 2004

You know, it's been a long time since I was in Silicon Valley.  When cc:Mail was up and running, I was out here quite a bit, but since then... I don't think I've been down here in three years or so.  The airport finally has an international arrivals area -- it was in a trailer out on the tarmac somewhere when I flew here from Tokyo a few years back.  But tonight the terminal smelled like kitty litter, not sure why.
Anyway, I'm staying at the Hyatt Saint Claire tonight.  A completely unexpected experience.  The hotel was built in 1926, and Hyatt has done a great job maintaining that vintage feel.  My guest room has seven eight (just found another) framed photos or artworks on the wall, four vintage lamps, and a frescoed ceiling in the bathroom, featuring two butterflies and a crescent moon on a blue sky background.  Oh, and a wifi signal at 90% strength.  I guess this doesn't suck ;)  One other interesting note is that the minibar is sans alcohol... not sure I've ever seen that before.
Wednesday is my appearance at Inbox 2004.  Just finished putting some slides together on the flight...really have no idea what to expect.  But for now, I should certainly get some sleep....

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