Tomorrow begins the DNUG/IBM Lotus Technical Forum event in Hannover, Germany.  It should be a pretty big day -- definitely will have some worthwhile blog updates as the event progresses.  If you are anywhere within range of Hannover, I'd suggest it will be well worth it -- especially since admission is free -- to attend the Tuesday "Strategy Insights" sessions.  Of course, if you can only attend Tuesday, I'd suggest that the session Kevin Cavanaugh and I will deliver on Notes/Domino Strategy is the breakout to see....

While this is my fourteenth visit to Germany, this is only my second time utilizing the fine Detusche Bahn regional train system.  This trip, vowe convinced me that I could give up my American fetish with the Autobahn+speed and ride the rails, as Europeans do.  This made a lot of sense, as connecting flights to/from Hannover are infrequent and time-consuming.  Instead, I literally walked out of the arrivals hall in Frankfurt, rode down the escalator to the train platform, boarded a local train for a ten minute journey, and switched platforms to the ICE (Inter-City Express).  All with less than ten minutes of waiting, and far less hassle (and expense) than a whole additional flight.   Depending on the time of day, I wouldn't even have had to switch trains -- an ICE for Hannover passes through the airport's fernbahnof  as well.

Of course, train travel has the advantage of being able to see the world go by -- and it is a bright and sunny day in this part of Germany.  Rolling hills and red roofs, and a brief glimpse of Herkules in Kassel, visited during a DNUG meeting in November '03.  Yes, vowe, you (+ the Porsche drive back in February) might finally have broken my need for speed...or maybe it's just the ability to grab another 40 winks that has made this train journey useful.

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