The upcoming lost day

June 18 2004

Scientists have performed successful teleportation on atoms for the first time, the journal Nature reports.
Would they hurry up already and figure out humans?  I'm sitting at O'Hare in advance of 24 hours of travel -- the only option at the moment to get from here to Singapore.  I'll be in Asia for the next week, at IBM Workplace launches in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Guangzhou.  For the incredibly long-ass flights, I have carefully packed -- the laptop, the noise-cancelling headphones, two DVDs, and two books.  Good thing, too, since none of the movies look all that interesting.
I'll also be reading some of Esther Dyson's latest writings.  I spoke with Esther earlier today*, having met her at Inbox 2004 a few weeks ago.  She's doing some writing about e-mail futures for Release 1.0, should be a great report.  
I've got two cameras in tow, and a couple of free blocks of time, so I'll be sure to post some snaps from along the way, as well as the usual stories of travel adventure, food, shopping, and of course the launch events themselves.  See you from the other side of the world.
* Yes, I know I'm name dropping.  Honest, it's not meant to be a Joi Ito imitation (with imitation-as-sincerest-form-of-flattery), just that I have always considered Esther one of the sharpest in the industry.  It was an honor to meet and talk with her.

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