Image:IBM Workplace launch in Guangzhou
Well, it was a bit of a different launch --
Everyone attending was given a little flashing lapel pin that said "IBM Workplace".
Image:IBM Workplace launch in Guangzhou
It was pretty cool to look out at the audience from the stage and see all these little blinky lights in the dark.
We actually had a countdown, at the conclusion of which, Louis Shiu (Lotus country manager) and I used those "mallets" to hit the "on" button for Workplace.  As we made our way forward on the stage, a bubble machine activated.  And during the first five minutes of my keynote, I must have seen 50+ flashbulbs -- press, colleagues, official event photographer, and the customers (300+) as well.  Two things I noticed about the attendees: 1) average age for IT people here is very young, as I would say the vast majority were under 30.; 2) the dress code is quite casual here in Guangzhou (except for speakers, of course).... probably I would say even more casual than a similar event in the US.
I did about 30 minutes, and then my local colleagues covered the standard announcement for the next 60 or so.  We followed this with a press conference -- a dozen journalists and four IBMers.  I didn't have a full-time translator, so it was quite impossible for me to follow the Q&A in the press meeting.  I was asked a couple of questions, such as initial customer reaction since the May 10 launch (overwhelmingly positive, started a new project office to handle all the incoming requests, etc.).  Otherwise, the local team ran the show.
So, I'm kind of at a let-down point.  It's sixteen hours before I start the eighteen hour journey back to Chicago (via Hong Kong again).  I've been told it is not safe for a foreigner to go to the Guangzhou night market, so I might be stuck in the hotel tonight.  I do have three DVDs with me, and a couple of conference calls back with the US... so this might just be the night to take it easy after a long and busy week.
I hope you've enjoyed travelling Asia with me again this week; my online photo album is almost done (on a new service, though)... I'll probably wait to publish it until I'm back in the US and can finish with the analog pictures still on film.  Look for a link then.

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