Jeff Schneider, CEO of Momentum Software, has given me a great idea for a new Lotus Notes marketing slogan: (emphasis mine):

Most talented engineers hate environments like Lotus Notes. They roll their eyes thinking about scripting hell, inability to enforce uniform constraints and business logic, inability to leverage a common data model and perhaps most significant, it allows dumb shits to look smart.
Surely, I have seen this dynamic countless times.  One of the reasons for moving Notes in alignment with J2EE over time relates to this challenge.  In organizations with "application development" teams, we sometimes see Notes relegated to "e-mail applications".  The "professional" programmers don't consider Notes a "real" development environment.  Mr. Schneider seems to have hit on one of the reasons for this short shrift.  Notes has evolved in such a way that it really fits in either bucket -- casual admin/developer all the way up to uber-structured programmer.
With forthcoming Workplace tools, the IBM objective is to continue to provide the rapid collaborative application development Notes has always been known for, on a powerful services-oriented J2EE platform.  I'll leave how that happens to the engineers.  In the meantime, read Schneider's thoughs on disposable applications (and other genuniely interesting stuff)
Link: Jeff Schneider: Disposable Applications >  (via Rich Schwartz RHS Blog)

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