Well, I've had some communication with American Airlines around the delay in my baggage arriving in Paris.  I sent them a mail, mainly to find out how to reimburse the taxi fare for the extra trip from CDG to the IBM office.  
The reply mail, actually, didn't address that issue at all.  I'd love to tell you all about it, but interestingly, the e-mail included a notice that it was proprietary, confidential, and property of American Airlines.  I didn't know you could claim all those rights to an e-mail, but they are at least going to try it, and for me, it's not worth trying to figure out what's legal and what isn't.
On a related topic, though, I find myself 15,000 miles closer to lifetime Platinum status on AA, which is attained after earning 2 million miles.  I'm now at 1,536,810 miles.  For those not familiar with the AAdvantage program, don't be alarmed -- my butt hasn't been on that many flights.  American's frequent flyer program counts all earned mileage, including bonus miles, hotel stays, credit cards, etc.  My actual miles flown on AA is probably somewhere closer to 500,000.

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