What a week --

  • New job on Monday
  • Linuxworld on Tuesday
  • Great press interviews on Wednesday; the peak of the controversy; lots of interaction with great friends
  • Linuxworld panel, lost cell phone (thank you for retreiving, Richi!), lost jacket, lost mind on Thursday ;)
  • <4 hours sleep, <30 minutes from house to boarding gate, flights, funeral, birthday blog-ring, more interaction with great friends
About the only thing I can say now is that challenging times and circumstances are the best way to know who your true friends are.  Not that all of above were challenges...but combining all these situations creates a satisfingly amazing feeling of support, encouragement, and even adventure.  So a big thank you to so many of you who helped me focus, helped me relax, and helped me deliver results this week.  It was unreal.
Looking forward to next week -- but could we perhaps find a way for it to be a little less intense???

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