An interview with Thomas Schaeck, WebSphere Portal Architect:

Q: What trends are you seeing in the enterprise portal development?  
A: The early portal products were pretty much focused on providing aggregated information and applications to users. We can now see a shift toward more advanced workplace technology and business process integration. Through workplace technology based on portals, as delivered in Lotus Workplace, users can collaborate more efficiently through additional functions such as team collaboration, instant messaging and Web conferencing, all integrated in one workplace offering. Business Process Integration in portals provides additional value, since it allows end users to participate in business processes without really having to know the processes they participate in. As such, the portal automatically finds out which tasks are pending for each user and lists those tasks in a personal task list from which the end user can launch the tasks. The portal will then automatically display the right page with the right applications to work on the launched task to the user.
Link: ADTMag: Architect looks at Java portals >

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