Matthew White writes:

I have yet to meet a Notes developer who is alienated by the move to more open standards. Everyone I talk to decided long ago that the opportunities afforded by learning Java / J2EE are much more appealing than learning yet another MS development platform, and should make life more interesting and challenging anyway. ...
Good developers, in my experience, are characterised by a curiosity about new technology and a desire to learn the latest ways of writing cool apps. Any assumption that life begins and ends with LotusScript is just too short-sighted.
I for one can't wait for more integration with J2EE, it will make the battles we have to fight to keep Domino alive easier and it will make my life more interesting.
This was a topic of discussion at an IBM training session for salespeople and business partners which I attended yesterday.  We discussed what the road ahead might look like in the typical organization that uses Notes/Domino.  Is it more of the same -- finish rolling out ND6.x, test and upgrade to 7, watch where IBM goes with 7.x, 8, and Workplace?  Is it being aggressive about adopting Lotus Workplace?  Is it integrating Notes/Domino into a portal environment (which could also mean integrating and adopting Workplace)?
There are so many interesting opportunities  -- the specific answer doesn't matter.  But you should be thinking about the question -- because your own personal roadmap should be ready for whatever lies ahead.  You can't ever predict when a disruption will occur -- a new CIO that wants to make changes to your environment, a new project that requires adoption of new technologies, etc.  
Or even someone looking for an excuse.  I am unfortunately working with one of you in that last category right now, but I think we'll get through it, as we did with Ed Falcon.  Which is more than I can say for this posting on LDD:
I don't see Notes lasting more than 5-10 years in the future, I'm afraid. ...I like Notes a lot more, and so does my boss! He just doesn't like what IBM is doing (or not doing) with it. How can we continue to support Notes, and say "it's the best", if IBM doesn't feel it's worthwhile enough to push?

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