By the way, a little known fact: you can get fired for what you put on your personal blog just as easily as you can get fired for what you put on your corporate blog -- there really is no difference in my mind.
At NEC I saw an exec get fired for a comment he made on a Web forum. Be careful out there!
Scoble is writing this in context of my colleague Mark Pilgrim's new blog on IBM developerWorks, and whether it is really much different than DiveIntoMark. Mark notes the differences here.
I think this is still an evolving area. In either this blog or the (which isn't dead, by the way, we've recruited 10 new contributors who will start writing in about a week), I need to adhere to IBM business conduct guidelines.  Has nothing to do with blogging -- it just has to do with external communication in general.  Otherwise, it's clear that most of you as readers don't see a distinction -- some more than others -- so I just adopt the right mindset in my blogging.  I've also posted a new privacy/terms page to help with this point.

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