And to think that I knew Brendan back when....Update -- it appears that Brendan was tired of being teased about his instant promotion, and asked for a correction.  Anyway, anyone reading the actual content here?

"This is a technical preview in Lotus Workplace Messaging 2.0," said Brendan Crotty, IBM's senior vice-presidentproduct manager  for Lotus Workplace Messaging and Domino Messaging. "People will be able to install and use it, but there's no official support yet." The technology employs several spam filtering techniques that are already widely in-use, such as DNS (Domain Name System) analysis, white lists, black lists, and Bayesian filtering, but adds a new technique called Chung-Kwei. Previously used in biometric applications for tasks like gene identification and protein annotation, Chung-Kwei is an automated pattern-discovery algorithm that learns from a knowledge base of known spam messages and finds patterns that identify spam in new messages.
Link: e-Pro: Lotus Workplace gets sophisticated anti-spam tool >

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