Behold the rare and wondrous breed -- the Citibank credit card with a Visa logo.  
I have had a Citibank Visa of some form since college, and for many years have had the version that awards American Airlines AAdvantage miles for purchase.  Over the last few years, Citibank has written, called, and e-mailed regularly to encourage me to "upgrade" to a MasterCard instead of a Visa.  Here in the US, Mastercard and Visa are pretty-much interchangable, but travelling internationally does not always yield the same level of choice.  Citibank's marketing tactics have been a little deceptive -- the "upgrades" for a long time offered no new benefits (how is putting my AAdvantage number on the card a bene?).  Some researchers on Flyertalk determined that Citibank had a better contract with MC, thus the push to "upgrade".
I've held onto the Visa logo through it all, and if the discussions on Flyertalk are any indication, I'm not the only one.  So I was pretty surprised when I saw an ad in the Chicago Tribune over the weekend for Visa's "Signature" card that displayed the Citibank/AAdvantage card as one of the options.  Oddly, there is no "apply now" link displayed for the Citibank AAdvantage version of this card. This sent me back to Flyertalk, the source of all knowledge around how to earn frequent flyer points.  Nobody had written recently about this card, so I started a new thread.  The results are as I expected -- while nominally Citibank probably offers this card, it appears the bait-and-switch tactics to affiliate all their accounts with MasterCard continue.
If I wasn't thisclose to making 2 million miles on American -- and thus, lifetime "Platinum" status -- I'd be looking for a new card.  Commodity markets like credit cards always have something new to offer.

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