Last week, I blogged the announcement of end of support for Notes/Domino R5.  Of the eight comments, most seemed to be wistful about R5, the release that was, rather than anything about the announcement itself.
I have to admit that I was expecting more comment on this.  IBM's tracking studies and support calls show that the majority of customers are now running Notes/Domino 6.x releases, Most of you report to me that you (or your customers) are already there or well on their way to upgrading.
On the other hand, the Notes/Domino 7 beta forum traffic is still pretty light, even after the release of beta 2.  I know there are sought-after features in the beta release, though thankfully "ND7" hasn't become the default answer to life, the universe, and everything.  I suppose since the ship date is next calendar year, most of you are focused on 2004 projects at the moment, which makes sense.
Getting to my point -- the Lotusphere 2005 content machine is starting to rev up (yes, already!).  I'm trying to use the relative information about R5, ND6.x, ND7 beta to help weight out the kind of content we'll see in Orlando in January.  The discourse about 5/6/7 is a good indication of where to set content priorities...right?

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