I was chatting with Duffbert last night about his latest book read.  Dan Gillmor's "We, the Media" discusses the way the web, including weblogs, newsgroups, wikis, RSS feeds, and more, has changed journalism and media forever.  Gillmor is at the heart of bridging old media and new -- he writes for the San Jose Mercury News, but he also is a prolific blogger and blog world contributor.
As Duffbert writes in his review of "We, the Media," events of the last few weeks have demonstrated how Gillmor's perspective plays out on a daily basis.

Now with the new electronic media, the ethical behavior of individuals, companies, and goverments can be examined and exposed when necessary.
I'm hoping the bookstore at O'Hare has a copy of this book -- though I did bring some in-flight reading.  Actually, perhaps they have an audiobook version -- I have 120 miles of Southern California driving ahead of me today. :(

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