Has anyone else taken a look at Technorati lately?  I haven't blogged about it in well over a year, but recently took another look after a link on Peter O'Kelly's blog.
I think the site is intriguing -- primarily because of its understanding of the linkages among various weblogs.  I also found myself momentarily egosurfing -- Technorati says that edbrill.com is ranked 7548.... out of 3.5 million weblogs they track.  I'm intrigued/honored that I would rank in the top 1/4 of 1% of the blogs they track...though yesterday, that ranking was 7010.  I can't tell if there is a way to see rankings for other blogs, other than their top 100 list.  It would be interesting to see where the various Domino blogs stand in comparison to Bob's pet blog, Jane's recipes, etc.
The site is much more useful in terms of seeing who is linking to a particular blog. I found a whole bunch of links this week to recent entries on this site -- which probably explains why the RSS feed hit count has been going up incrementally on almost a daily basis. (I'll talk about that RSS hit count separately within a few days, since it's appraently undercounting overall audience,...but that's another topic).
Opinions and thoughts on Technorati?

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