Arrived at my customer meeting in plenty of time today -- after wearing down the cell phone battery during the drive talking to a different customer, talking to Rocky, and talking to John.  During introductions before the meeting started, I was asked if I had perhaps been referring to this particular customer meeting in one of Tuesday's blog entries...which of course I was.  Someone put two and two together....
So, given that I know that there are probably now a dozen people at a particular organization in the greater Los Angeles area reading my blog today looking for a debrief on this meeting, I think I should abstain from public discourse.  Suffice it to say that the meeting was fascinating, both for the tone as well as for the range of content.  And for some of the competitive perspectives shared, which in at least one case was even more of a reach than the usual story I hear.
Two days of internal stuff the rest of this week.  For now, rest is needed.

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