A fascinating non-story.

Executives said Microsoft was opting to deliver a stream of releases that delivered messaging features in incremental waves. The first of those releases will come in September when Microsoft releases its Best Practices Analyzer for Exchange.
a) that's a release? and b) fascinating that MS didn't even mention this upcoming "release" at TechEd -- at that time, Exchange Edge Services (which appears to have nothing to do with the Exchange Server as you know it today) was the next "release".
Thompson, who spent many years leading the Windows Server team and is new to Exchange this year, said he is more concerned about delivering solid products than in delays because of changes in product strategy. However, he said he is mindful that the schedule changes may impact some customers who are working on specific projects.
Dear customer -- don't worry about us, we'll ship you some new product in return for those Software Assurance dollars -- sometime.
Link: SearchExchange: Microsoft keeping next Exchange data store on layaway >

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