Well, three days of intense meetings in California all wrapped up.  Unfortunately, flight options at this hour are quite limited in terms of heading home, so I'm here in Los Angeles until tomorrow.  That's fine...it's not like it's a quiet little town.  In fact, this might make three sushi nights in a row...
I'm staying at the Los Angeles Hyatt.  As the blog entry title says, it's no country club.  No high-speed Internet, no minibar, and in need of a bit of freshening.  Oh well -- it's a bed for the night; plenty of elsewhere to explore in L.A.
I received an interesting e-mail this afternoon.  Someone ended up on my blog through some google searches for Esther Dyson's Meta-Mail writings.  They are interviewing for a job where the concept of Meta-Mail would be relevant, and want to discuss my perspective as part of their interview preparations.  It's fascinating what blogs are used for these days -- and I hope I can help this person land a job that they clearly want.
Next week starts an extended travel slowdown....I'll be at home for about five weeks.  The next stop after that -- a Lotus Forum in Moscow (tentatively, at least), and then the Admin/Developer conference in London.  Travel to look forward to.

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