When I arrived home from the last California trip (Linuxworld in SF), it dawned on me that I didn't seem to have my jacket with me anymore.  I recalled taking it off at SFO airport security, but not much since then.  I figured I had probably left it behind at the American Airlines Admiral's Club, but never had the time or inclination to follow up on it.
Well, American does believe in customer service, and on Thursday, the SFO Admiral's Club staff called my office to say that they had found a jacket, and that a hotel bill with my name was in the pocket.  They offered to send it to me -- my expense, of course, no surprise there.
What great customer service.  They took the time to cross-check their records and find me, and proactively offer to help me out with a situation I had barely remembered to pay attention to.  When I returned the call a few minutes ago, the club staff was super-nice, even asking whether I wanted it shipped next-day or 2nd-day air.
I pay for the Admiral's Club membership myself -- obviously not an expense-able item.  But even the 15 minutes of respite I'm getting right now at LAX makes that annual investment worth it -- it's a momentary peace that makes the journey more bearable.

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