As some of you know, I'll be speaking at Admin&Developer UK 2004, on 4/5 October in Bedfont/Feltham.  I am hoping to see many of local/regional readers, bloggers, customers, etc. at this conference.  However, I know that for some, attending the conference is a non-starter.
So, as much as I'd like to see everyone at the actual event, I would like to organise an informal pub gathering one evening while in the London area.  Think of it as our own little geekdinner.  For this to happen successfully, I'll need some input from those likely to attend.  Six weeks' lead time should be more than enough to get this right...further, it will help with my travel planning for the first part of that European trip (Moscow, and then a weekend somewhere*).
The question is simple enough, though in two parts.
1) Should an informal London-area evening gathering take place on Sunday, 3 October, or Monday, 4 October?  I don't know what the local propensity is to go out to a work-related thing on a Sunday night.  Monday's restriction is on time -- the formal agenda for the conference doesn't end until 18:30... meaning that any gathering wouldn't be able to start until 7 PM or so.  This feels late to me.  With neither evening being ideal...which is better?
2) What's the best location for such a gathering?  The conference is being held near Heathrow.  Obviously from my perspective, it would be easier to find an area venue to meet -- I know there are some fine (well, good enough) pubs in Staines near our office, for example.  However, does a Heathrow location make it difficult for non-delegates to join?  Does the choice of Sunday vs. Monday affect this?
I realize that the gathering is destined to be imperfect.  That's fine.  I'd like to make it as reasonable as possible for as many of the London-area crowd to join.  Thoughts?
* As for that weekend somewhere... I've already spent some time in Moscow, and I'll have a free day there on this trip as well.  So, I'm looking to spend the weekend someplace new.  Considerations so far -- Tallinn, Helsinki, Budapest (all would be new countries); St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Dusseldorf/Cologne.  Even thought about Istanbul (lot of flying, but the flights are convenient).  A major factor is the availability of non-stop flights from Moscow to said-destination on Friday evening, and then onward to London-Heathrow on Sunday evening.  Any votes?

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