Declan found a new book on migrating Lotus Notes apps to Microsoft .NET earlier today.  It's lengthy and has a lot of technical detail about what is possible in such a migration (answer -- the typical MS effort to narrow scope and declare certain applications as un-migrate-able).  
Rather than comment on the overall content, it seems more interesting to me to read the second paragraph from the first page, and then wonder how credible anything else in the 150+ tome could really be:

Notes/Domino R6 is the last planned release of the existing Notes architecture; IBM plans to reengineer it to run on top of DB2 and WebSphere. The change in database structure creates a significant migration effort for existing customers and creates a situation where the Notes/Domino direction is re-evaluated. Additionally, IBM has halted plans for long-awaited improvements to Notes/Domino, and users are getting conflicting timelines for their replacement strategy. These problems have been amplified by IBM's lack of direction for a cohesive coexistence and migration strategy. Accordingly, many organizations are expressing interest in migrating away from the moribund Notes/Domino platform, but they do not want to abandon their existing investment in applications built on the Notes architecture.
How credible is it for those words to be used in August, 2004?  As Declan says,
Hmm, wonder what I've been beta testing then for the past few weeks...
Link: Lotus Notes/Domino 7 beta >

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