In case anyone was wondering about whether my job transition left a gap in the competitive posture at Lotus....An interview with Bob Bry, enablement manager:

"Recently Microsoft removed its next proposed release of Exchange, code-named Kodiak, from its roadmap altogether, and promised instead to release messaging functionality in as-yet undefined parts," he says. "A trend I see developing in working with both our internal sales teams and new customers is these shifts in Microsoft's roadmaps and the successive delays in key Microsoft technologies are making customers wonder whether they can ever get appropriate value from their Exchange licenses or software assurance contracts.
"Faced with a costly migration now and perhaps another one, two or three years down the road, without any idea of the requirements and the messaging improvements they'll get for the trouble, you can't blame Exchange shops for considering other options."
There's good stuff about the future in there, too:
"Domino customers for some time have been the beneficiaries of conducting "in-place" upgrades -- the process of upgrading an existing Domino server simply by installing the newer version of Domino server on top of the older one. You leverage the same hardware and OS, and selectively embrace new capabilities of the updated Domino when they are needed to meet business requirements."
"This continues to be a business advantage," Bry adds. "A Domino 6.5 customer will be able to upgrade to Domino 7 in the same fashion, a stark contrast with what Exchange customers have to do -- which resembles an entire infrastructure migration. We go one step further, enabling administrators to upgrade Notes mail clients centrally, without touching individual desktops, significantly lowering total cost of ownership."
Link: For Microsoft Exchange shops, a chance to switch, simplify and save >

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