The iPod commeth!

August 31 2004

Well, I guess it wasn't the slow boat after all... my iPod arrived this morning.  Pretty impressive actually, considering that I ordered it at 10 PM on Friday night -- 83 hours to ship a customized (engraved) iPod from Shanghai to Chicago, over a weekend.  Nice job, Apple!
Not sure about that second package -- the one that says it has a delivery address of Indianapolis, Indiana.  FedEx tracking shows that it is in Indy right now, but still at the FedEx warehouse.  Hmmm. Whatever.
I am booked up with calls and meetings this morning, so it will be a while before I can play with it.  One thing I notice is that the instruction book seems to claim I must have a "high-powered" USB2.0 port -- I don't think my ThinkPad T23 has this (though my home desktop IBM PC does).  Hopefully not a real problem?

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