A colleague is travelling to Israel this week for a local customer tour on Workplace and other topics.  Unfortunately, my personal schedule didn't allow me to participate in this trip...it would be interesting to experience Israel from a business perspective.  Oh well -- it will happen someday.
Before he left, I pinged him on Sametime yesterday with some quick advice -- "Remember, no cheeseburgers and don't try to order pepperoni pizza!"  The one word response -- "Why?"
I didn't capture the chat, but here's an approximate version --
me - "Jewish dietary laws (Kosher).  Main things for you to know -- 1) no pork, and 2) no meat and dairy in the same meal"
him - "Oh, I didn't know that. That should make things interesting. I assume menus are set to take this into account?"
me - "Yes, you won't find dairy in a meat restaurant and vice versa.  Some people have whole separate kitchens"
him - "So no butter on my bread in a meat restaurant?"
me - "no, margarine"
him - "No cream in my coffee?"
me - "no, non-dairy creamer. Oh, and one other basic that I forgot -- no shellfish. No shrimp, crab, lobster, clams, mussels, scallops"
him - "OK, no problem there, I'm allergic to shellfish"

Now, I know it isn't as stark as that -- just like the fact that I was able to order beef from room service in India, there are restaurants in Israel that don't follow Kashrut.  Still, I look forward to an interesting debrief upon his return.
(Oh, and the water in Israel is generally fine to drink, but I did get nasty sick a day after my last visit to Jerusalem.  Who knows why...)

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