I'm posting this mainly so all of those people who googled here last week on "attal leaving IBM" will have something to hit:

Score one for Gateway. The struggling hardware company this week snatched away longtime IBM executive Jocelyne Attal to head its nascent SMB efforts.
From Varbusiness.
Without commenting specifically on Ms. Attal (I never worked directly with her), I think it's interesting to think about whether lightning ever strikes twice.  The first two CEOs of Lotus during my tenure left and have hardly been heard from since.  Same with many of the next-level-down executives.  Also the case with many of the executives I worked with in prior jobs (though as for that first job, heck, those execs mostly went into AA or died of liver problems, seriously).  How much is individual talent, how much is organizational talent, and how much is being in the right place at the right time?

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