Let's start by establishing the timeline -- it took me longer to drive from Atlanta/Hartsfield to my hotel than it did to fly from Chicago to Atlanta.
Some of my friends call me "the human map" -- I can usually find my way almost anywhere with minimal guidance.  I am not one of those guys who simply won't stop to ask for directions...it's more that I usually don't need to.
Part of the secret to good navigation is good planning.  So I visited Hilton's website and printed the "Driving Directions" page for the particular Hilton Garden Inn which is my domicile tonight.
This page seems to be using vicinity.com for navigation; I suggest that vicinity.com needs help.  Steps 4-10 are basically "Continue north on I85/I75", why it needs to be explained as seven steps is beyond me.  The exit number in step 10 was wrong, it was like exit 251 or something.  Step 12 doesn't happen to say that Georgia 400 is a toll road (I knew it, though).  Steps 10 and 12 are both actually "exit" manuvers, not "continue" manuvers, so why they say to continue is a mystery.
But the real kicker came at Lake Hearn Drive.  First time through, I missed the turn, and ended up a few miles north at the old Lotus offices on Abernathy (maybe my subconscious was taking me there ;).  Second time through, I found Lake Hearn Drive, but absolutely could not find #1501.  I passed 1400, followed the directions and followed the bend in the road.  This second stretch leads to a "T" intersection, where Lake Hearn becomes one-way the wrong way...and I found myself unwillingly turning right.
Finally, I stopped and looked around, and there, up on a bit of a hill, was the Hilton.  Now, seeing as how the directions on its website have drivers approaching from the south, you would think they would put some kind of sign on the south side of the building, right?  Wrong, only on the west side!  Is there a sign at street level that says where to drive to actually enter the hotel?  No, you have to divine this for yourself (and it isn't easy -- a right turn, 1/2 mile, and then three left turns back.).  Then it turns out the hotel shares a parking lot with an office building -- which has a little tiny "Hilton Garden Inn" sign at the driveway.
To top the whole thing off, when I entered the hotel, I said something to the front desk clerk about how the directions on their website were wrong.  You would think they've heard this before, right?  No, apparently not, and he plus his buddy started laughing at me.
Along with my room key, there is a letter from the hotel's general manager, "...it is our pleasure to ensure your satisfaction during your visit."  Uh huh.

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