Next stop - Cambridge

September 19 2003

I'm back from my less-than-24 hours in Atlanta.  Thanks to the great team at Optimus Solutions for hosting yesterday's seminar -- I really enjoyed the session.  It's great to see that more and more customers are understanding the Lotus Workplace story.... oh sorry, I fell into marketing mode for a minute.
FWIW, it only took me about 30 minutes to get back to the airport.  And it turns out I might have been able to get to Boston -- Delta reports that the ATL-BOS flight did indeed go on time...must have flown over or around the hurricane.  Oh well, it gives me an excuse to go to Boston next week instead, and now I can spend two days there instead of just one.
An interesting transition has taken place in the last few years.  When I first moved to Boston in 1998, it was because Cambridge/Westford were the center of the universe as far as Lotus.  Only natural with HQ being located there.  In 2000, when I decided to move back to Chicago, it was with some significant risk -- few staffies, especially managers, were successful from remote locations.  And in fact, prior to 9/11/01, I was still going to Cambridge pretty frequently -- sometimes every week.
Since then, though, things have changed, a lot.  Next week will be my first visit to Cambridge in over three months.  The corporate culture has changed.  Sametime+broadband+readily available wifi/highspeed connections has made "being there" far less relevant.  We now have Lotus senior managers in five or six different cities.  I was able to run the Notes business from down here in my basement.  When you think about it, that's pretty cool.
I've updated my "where am I going" page again, now inclusive of my early October trip to Tokyo.  At the moment, it looks like all my October/November travel will be international -- that's pretty cool when you think about it, too.  How global this business really is.  The on-the-job international business training is still one of the aspects of this role that I like the most, so I'm glad it seems to be continuing.

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