Upcoming travel season

September 25 2004

This week will mark the start of my Q4 travel schedule.  There's some pretty interesting stuff upcoming, and as is typical for me, I'm all about the planning.
On Tuesday, I leave for Russia, to give the keynote at Thursday's Lotus Forum in Moscow.  From there, I head to St. Petersburg for the weekend, and then onto London for Admin/Developer UK.  Hoping to see many of you Monday night, 4 October, at the informal "geekdinner" in Staines.
On October 19, I'll be in Portland, Oregon for the Portland Domino/Notes User Group meeting, along with another informal "geekdinner" -- Robert Scoble from Microsoft has also indicated that he will attend.  Details (place/time) still to be announced.
November still has some plans in process, but a couple of things are all set.  On November 17, I'm speaking at the SNUG Notes User Group in Amsterdam.  The very next day, I'll somehow be in Atlanta for Inbox 2004 East -- more about that on Monday.  For that trip, I'm flying from here into Dusseldorf, on a fairly unique flight -- Lufthansa/Privatair's all-business class service.  I blogged about this route when it was first introduced -- apparently it has had some staying power.
While of course my travel is mostly about the destination, the ORD-DUS flight is one example of how I try to make the journey as interesting as possible.  That will be true this week as well.  I have a free day in Moscow.  From there, I'll fly to St. Petersburg aboard Pulkovo Airlines...which only flies Russian-made Tupolev airplanes.  Pulkovo, as well as many other Russian airlines, are not known for Swiss-like precision.  In fact, I found out almost by accident yesterday that the flight I was booked on has already been cancelled.  It will be interesting to see how well I'm accomodated on a different flight; when the travel agent tried to ring Pulkovo's ticket offices, unsurprisingly, nobody answered the phone.
I don't know how frequently I'll be posting blog or photo updates from Russia.  Last time I was there, I only had dial-up access.  And the GSM roaming charges are something like US$5.50 per minute.

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