I know this is not a major technology innovation, but it's just another one of those cool things that technology can do.
My home office phone is a plain old telephone service line, no fancy options, just a second number coming into the house.  Last week, I filled out a form on the IBM intranet portal, and now, through some magic that I don't completely understand, it's configured to let me direct dial IBM "tie line" internal extensions.  For the last couple of years, I've been using an IBM calling card to do this -- didn't even know that there was a better way.
So my home office setup is now really just as effective as being in an IBM office.  I can make and receive internally dialed calls, I can access the entire intranet via VPN over high-speed broadband, and with technologies like Sametime, I can get to any of my colleagues without needing to be able to poke my head in the door.  On the plus side, I alslo have more square footage, am nearer to a refrigerator and toilet, and don't have to shave in the morning (just talked to a colleague of mine who is still in their PJs, at 4 PM).  On the minus side, sure, I don't get to see people face to face as often, there's no cafeteria and I have to walk a mile to get to Starbucks, and I have to fly to a higher percentage of meetings.  It's just different -- and a setup that I really have gotten quite used to.

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