Long day, tons to write about but not a lot of energy left.  Oh, and I'll get back to writing some Lotus-related stuff soon, I promise.

Spend the majority of the day touring in Moscow, with some new highlights including the excellent Tretyakov Gallery and a nice walk on Tverskaya Street.  I wasn't familiar with many of the artists in the Tretyakov going in, but definitely was impressed with some.  An artist named Perov had a particular painting that was powerful to me --- unfortunately, it wasn't in any of the souvenir books from the gift shops.  I'll have to look for it online later.
The Pulkovo Airlines experience was indeed an experience,  The domestic terminal at Shermetyevo is tiny...so combine that with Friday afternoon volume and it makes for tight quarters.  Lots of security, too.
I didn't notice that much that was different about the in-flight experience.  The Tulpolev-154 interior was a bit flimsier, and the engines a bit louder, than some other planes, but I was able to sleep for a good segment of the flight over.
The Saint Petersburg airport was a model of efficiency -- seriously.  My driver, from a company called Travel in Russia, met me right at the terminal entrance (from the busses) and got me out of the airport within ten minutes.  Not much to see at night, but Saint Petersburg feels, as most said it would, quite different from Moscow.  More open, and more European.  We'll see what I see tomorrow.
I'm staying at the Renaissance Hotel here...just opened a few months ago, it's a really top notch hotel and the staff are very friendly and helpful.  I'm looking forward to the next few days.  For now...time for bed.
Reminder to the London crowd -- we're still planning on the "geekdinner" experience on Monday night...7 PM... Ha! Ha! Bar in Staines.  See this previous blog entry for details.

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