Japan has the most wonderful packaged food products of any country in the world.  We wandered through the food halls of Mitsukoshi at Yebisu last night, and it just constantly amazes me to see the variety -- and the packaging.

Image:Have you seen this ice cream? One of my favorite Japanese packaged foods is the type of ice cream pictured here.  I refer to it as a "waffle bar" -- and it is heaven on earth.  A thin layer of chocolate is surrounded by vanilla ice cream, which in turn is enveloped in a hollow waffle.  This not only gives you multiple tastes and textures, but also has the advantage of being basically drip-proof -- very important in this highly hygenic society.  It's also cheap -- 100 Yen.  The manufacturer's website has some details, of course in Japanese only.  There are other varieties, but this is the only one I've found in the Gotunda area on this trip.  Good enough for me.
Sadly, this amazing concept has not made it to the USA -- at least not anywhere that I've found.   Help prove me wrong -- have you seen this kind of ice cream anywhere in the US?  If not, should we start a petition to bring it to the US?

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