I'm not sure why this story has slipped my mind, and oddly, only reappeared when I saw my barber earlier this week (insert standard "what, you have enough hair to cut?" joke).
On the last afternoon in Moscow, colleague Jason Dumont and I were walking through Okhotny Ryad Mall, which is right near the Kremlin and Red Square.  It's a high-end boutique-y kind of mall -- Hugo Boss and the like.  Some of the American chains and designers are there, too -- no Gap yet -- but I did wander into a Timberland store.  
I picked up a polo shirt to buy, and approached the cashier.  She spoke little English -- I didn't expect it -- but she did know enough to say "no credit cards".  Huh???  There on the window of the store were the usual card logos, and she had a credit card machine on the counter.  I didn't have enough roubles with me to pay for the shirt in cash, and I certainly wasn't going to run out and find a currency exchange just to buy a shirt!  So, for whatever reason, no sale.  Weird.

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