What a brouhaha!   I never said this.  Here's what actually happened:  On Oct 17, at a conference in Berlin for VC's, CEO's and entrepreneurs, I was on a panel on the subject of Linux and Open Source.   The other panelists were the CEO's of MySQL, SuSE, and Trolltech.   A number of conference attendees and reporters were in the room.  About half-way through, the discussion turned to the subject of Linux desktops.  A question asked by someone in the audience was, would the MS desktop have a future in the face of Linux, or would a Linux client replace it?    I said that this wasn't really the issue, that the more interesting question for the future was about how desktops would evolve, and that the UI for devices was a more interesting aspect of Linux on the client right now.   I said that an example of the evolution of desktops is that many corporations, including IBM, were moving some applications off of fat clients to the web, and that portals as well as various UI's on devices were becoming strategically important for IBM and our customers.   Corporations increasing use portals to communicate with employees and with others outside the company.   I used expense reporting as an example of an internal application that we moved to our intranet portal on the web.    The other panelists agreed with these points.  
The importance of portals and UI's on devices is undisputed in the industry, but this trend does not in any way invalidate the importance of Notes.  Lotus Notes continues to be key -- for our customers, for our partners, for ourselves.   I use it EVERY DAY, and so does every employee in IBM.   I am using it as I type this.   These things coexist -- we all use the web, and we all use Notes.
From Deborah Magid, IBM Director, Strategic Alliances.  She posted this (using a Notes client) in the Lotus Partner Forum (and filled out a forum profile), flagged as "message contents are copyright 2003 and may be used by Lotus and Business Partners for publication with credit to anyone."

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