Oy oy oy is right --
I've got two European conferences to keynote in the next two weeks, but is that enough for this starting-to-get-a-bit-weary road warrior?  No, of course not!
Now booked for one more international trip this year...mid-November...
Five cities in five days -- Australia and New Zealand.  Perth-> Melbourne-> Canberra-> Wellington-> Auckland.  27 hours of flying and connections to get there (but a mere 18 hours home from AKL).
For my down-under readers, no, I don't know specifics of my agenda yet, though I do know what days I'll be where (I'll update the "upcoming events" soon).  Ping me via e-mail, IM, or comment if I'll be within 30 km -- maybe we can at least meet for coffee or a beer (not coffee and a beer, sorry mate).  I'd sure like to meet the on-hiatus gutted:geek too, looks like I'll have to send him mail.

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