Lots of words written this week on the end of the Concorde era.  The hype was really out of control -- though it never had scheduled service to Chicago, British Airways ran a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune touting how important the Concorde spirit is to their ongoing operations.  Uh huh (and mind you, I really like British Airways, and not just 'cause they are a great Lotus customer :).
To be a bit contrarian, though, I can totally see why its final years were so unsuccessful.  Its only real benefit on the JFK-LHR route was to people who were already in New York.  Even if you could afford it, there was little point to connecting to BA2 -- especially from someplace like Chicago, where there aren't even any direct flights from ORD to JFK (Ok, there's 1per day).  Add up the transfer time, security, whatever, the nonstops from 20 other cities in the US to London -- everyplace from Raleigh to San Diego -- seem to get most people to London on a reasonable enough schedule.
More to the point, the flight from JFK to London on a regular 777 isn't exactly mind-numbing.  Six and a half hours in the air, usually overnight.  By the time dinner is served, and with an hour for breakfast, the downtime on that flight is only four hours.  I realize the reverse (LHR to JFK) was really the more popular Concorde flight, and that makes some sense -- daytime flight, longer duration going against the jet stream -- but the plane has to go both directions, and obviously couldn't draw a crowd on the returns.
To me, and I know it's blase to say it, an eight hour flight to London is no big deal.  A movie, some food, some sleep, and before you know it, you are circling over Heathrow (an inevitable part of the journey).  What does intrigue me, though, is how I'll take to my flight on Monday -- AA's daytime flight from Chicago to London.  Leaves here at 9 AM, gets in at 10:40 PM.  I'm actually looking at it as a great workday -- no instant messages, no phone calls -- just a quiet uninterrupted journey, thankfully with AC power for my laptop.  Oh, and don't call me spoiled -- yes, IBM lets me often fly business class (or use miles to upgrade to first), but on Monday, I'll be in the back (a several-thousand dollar savings due to my Saturday stay in Europe).
For the speakers and delegates at Admin/Developer UK -- I'll see you Tuesday!

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