October 27 2003

Just mentioned this URL in a response to yesterday's Concorde-related blog entry, but I thought it deserved an entry of its own. is a great site that answers the question: Where is the best seat on a US-based airline's flight?  With detailed maps and information for the seven major US carriers, you can be assured the best possible seat for every flight.
As an example, I reserved exit row seat 31B for today's flight on an American Airlines Atlantic-route 777.  As promised, I ended up with tons of room in front of me.  I would not have normally selected a seat so far back in the main cabin, since it will take longer to get off the plane -- but in this case, quite a worthwhite tradeoff.
By the way, have I mentioned how great the daytime flight from Chicago to London is?  Our flying time is scheduled to be only 6:30, meaning we'll land at 10:04 PM London time.  Now I'm worried I might not even finish the work I've planned for the flight by the time we're on the ground!

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