From Internetnews:

In a press statement, IBM detailed three new Express offerings to help SMBs connect normally walled off, siloed processes and applications using collaboration tools that let employees share data and documents in real time, a hallmark of on-demand computing as the Armonk, N.Y. concern defines it....
The company also hinted at the IBM Workplace Services Express, which will be available and priced later this year. This collaboration/portal software links people, applications and information through a Web browser.
Here's the text from the press release:
To improve employee productivity and organizational responsiveness to business and market changes, IBM announced the future availability of IBM Workplace Services Express, a real-time collaboration and portal offering that brings together people, applications and information from across the company to address critical business issues as they arise. Delivered as an easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy workplace environment, IBM Workplace Services Express allows employees to collaborate and share data from across the company in real-time to make informed and consistent business decisions.
Accessible through any standard Web browser, IBM Workplace Services Express offers customers greater flexibility and choice in how they access and interact with resident applications and data. Pricing and general availability for IBM Workplace Services Express will be announced later this year.
Expect more on Workplace Services Express in the coming weeks. It's a bit premature for me to be spending a lot of blogging time on this.  What I've seen so far tells me that this is going to be a really impressive offering in its target market -- easy to deploy, easy to use (a lot of focus on user interface), and well-integrated into productivity tools (mail, editors, etc.).  Watch this space.

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