T.O. again, I think

October 31 2004

Well, I thought I had just arrived in Toronto....
Image:T.O. again, I think
Not the first time the in-hotel-room broadband has been mis-aligned with reality.
Flight into Toronto was fine, but the woman in front of me on Air Canada had clearly bathed in a vat of perfume.  At least it was only an hour in the air...
I am staring to listen to some of the new music y'all recommended to me a few weeks ago.  Admittedly, I'm taking it slow -- I downloaded the Maroon5 album, Coldplay (wrong choice -- bought their live album, which doesn't sound too good in the noise of an airplane, even when travelling with my noise-cancelling headphones), and a few others.  Bruce kindly loaned me some CDs to check out as well... gotta get them ripped down to the iPod.
My other evening observation is that the rental car came with a GPS navigation system...but clearly one designed in the US.  It warned of exits 3.2 kilometers ahead... or 1.7, or any other unit that makes zero sense as a nice round number in kilometers...but convert to miles, and voila!  Now one understands the choice of checkpoints.  Kind of embarassing to see that the company that makes it is imposing it's US-centric view of things on the standardized rest-of-the-world.

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