A relatively painless departure from Vienna this morning.  Due to it being All-Saints day, traffic was light and many shops were closed.  I had planed to "nosh" this morning at the Naschmarkt, and while the traditional Saturday flea market was in operation, the food market was not.  Instead I wandered some more of the city, but still didn't get to see everything.  In fact, on the taxi ride to the city airport bus terminal, I noticed one amazing church that I missed, along with some cool "secession" architecture.  After returning from Slovakia yesterday, I also visited the State Apartments, silver collection, and wandered more of the Hofburg, while also exploring a bit more near my hotel around dinner time.  
There is really just a ton to see in Vienna, and it makes a great base for numerous day trips -- Bratislava, as I wrote yesterday, but also Linz, Graz, Budapest, and even Prague and Krakow are all within reasonable driving distance, plus the "Wienerwald" forests and baden (baths) outside the city.  I bet it would be really nice in the summertime.
I'm flying what is now called just "Austrian", formerly Austrian Airlines.  According to the article in their in-flight magazine, they launched a rebranding, updated "arrow" logo, and new livery in September.  The article raves about how they hired a great consultant, how the new brand image represents "spring", blah blah blah.  IMHO, they needed a different consultant.  Why?  Well, their regional airline, which was Tyrolean, is now "Austrian arrows -- operated by Tyrolean".  While I know that losing the Tyrolean brand has some civic pride issues, I figure, if you are going to do it, go all the way.  They are also keeping the Lauda Air brand and image, which was acquired a few years ago.  To me as a non-Austrian, I'm really confused when they use this brand vs. Austrian, when they use it for charters vs. commerical flights, and why a brand and image that mean little outside of Austria was allowed by their branding consultants to continue.
The in-flight magazine confirms something I had already suspected -- the rebranding is being done on the cheap, meaning that signs, paper, etc. with the new logo will appear gradually.  The ticket stock for my boarding pass has the old logo, as did many of the signs in the airport.  The uniforms have not changed (this will take a long time, for sure -- even the shoes have a logo on them).  The only planes on the tarmac with the new livery were the "Austrian arrows" variety -- the article indicates that only one of about 100 jet aircraft in their fleet will sport the new look by end of year.  At least the Austrian website has been updated (and is much better navigation-wise).
Rebranding is expensive, no doubt.  To help pay for it perhaps, all food and beverage service aboard this flight is at a cost, even water!  The charges are for small open-faced sandwiches are OK, but 330 mL of Coca-Cola is EUR2.50.  I also wonder how I was supposed to know this -- there was no indication that this flight was any different from the LHR-VIE operation.
Rest of the weekend plan -- mainly, Lotusphere session selection.  Jonvon asked me to write about that process... I will when it's over or mostly over.

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