Oh my sushi

November 1 2004

You all know by now that I really enjoy consuming raw dead fish, right?  Well, there used to be a time when my unsophisticated palette believed that most sushi was pretty much the same, and that what varied from sushi bar to sushi bar was more the variety than the individual product.
Ah, how experience changes one's perspective.  In the last three nights, I've had three very different sushi experiences --

  • Saturday night, from often-blogged Oysy Sushi in Northbrook (for which I am still the #1 google hit).  The emerald maki was excellent, but the super white tuna nigiri is still the family favorite.
  • Sunday night, takeout sushi from Whole Foods on the way to O'Hare.  It is what it is -- basic, reliable, portable.  Some day, the Australian interpretation of takeaway sushi will come to the US, where the maki rolls are sold intact (not sliced into pieces), making for an especially portable treat.
  • Monday night, at the sushi bar Katsura in the Westin Prince Hotel, Toronto.  Let's call it what it is -- one of the top sushi bars I've ever eaten in.  They have two sushi bars, actually -- one within the general restaurant, and another one upstairs that is a true sushi bar (serves only sushi).  Three of us ate ourselves silly upstairs...for only US$100 (including beverages and tax).  The spicy tuna maki was the best I've ever had.  These guys got it right -- they used higher quality tuna, and just a wee bit of that spicy mayo... to kick it, but not overpower it.  They served sea eel (anago), which I genearlly find nicer than freshwater eel (unagi).  The rest of the nigiri was excellent.  The service was ideal, with a great waitress and attentive sushi chefs.  
Image:Oh my sushi (photo from westin.com)
Canadian friends, I've had a lot of sushi in Toronto -- but this was the far-and-away winner.  Truly amazing, since when I heard that this was my hotel for this trip, I groaned "not again".  The hotel isn't exactly in a happening location, and I don't remember the rooms being this nice the last time I stayed here (admittedly, four+ years ago).
For now, it's time for (the Westin Heavenly) Bed.  I'll want a decent night's rest before tomorrow...I am sure there will be nothing like it.

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