Question came up during the Notes/Domino 7 launch here today.  Remember, I'm not a developer....

Apparently, Notes 6 doesn't provide an ability to customize letterheads in the mail template.  I remember this as being one of the most common R5 customizations.  Anyone have an easy solution for custom letterheads for Notes 6 or Notes 7?

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  1. 1  Duffbert |

    "Easy" might be in the eyes of the beholder... :)

    When we've done letterhead logo changes, we've create the image and named it StdNotesLtrnn, where nn is a number starting with 50 (gets us out of the way of the other logos out there). That goes into the shared image area. Then in the CalendarProfile form, you add that selection into the picklist for logo selections. Once that design gets pushed out to all the mail templates, you're good to go.

    At least, that's what I *remember* doing last time... :)

  1. 2  Chris Miller |

    I get this one a lot. There are some templates out there that will add that in, and then you just let it update everyone via the designer at night. (As long as the people stop using huge images and corporate graphics).

    Plus, who sees them but those inside your environment? I guess it is nice to have a consistency while mail flies around, but it does not affect anything to do with mail or the body. The little individuality it gives makes it nice. We even had a couple custom mood stamps we used for fun that no one else could see since we did not give them the image.

    But as Dilbert once said, we all know mauve uses more memory doesn't it?

    "Always a fuss that need not happen", my grandma used to say.

  1. 3  Bruce Elgort |

    One of the versions of the OpenNTF Mail Template had a feature that allowed you to add Notes Letterhead designs into the template and have them selectable.

    Let me see if I can dig it up.

  1. 4  Chris Whisonant |

    We have done this here.

    Technote 1094814

    { Link }

  1. 5  Bruce Elgort |

    { Link }

    Simply add an image resource that starts with ONTF_LTR_ and this template will pick up the graphic and make it available under Preferences.

    Be warned that this template is from 10/15/2003 and was based on an older R6 template.

    I believe Nathan crafted the code for this.


  1. 6  Brian Green  |

    We include letterhead for college football teams, baseball, etc. We even had Star Wars logs during summer... rebel or alliance, you decide!

  1. 7  Mikkel Heisterberg |

    From release 7 it has become easier to make users actually use a custom header logo it without resorting to changing or hardcoding the calendar profile in the mail template.

    Starting with R7 there is a Mail settings-document type for policies where you can specify the header graphics users should use.

    The setting is on the first tab ("Mail") of the second tab ("Mail file preferences"). On the "Letterhead" tab you'll see the option. Hope this makes sense...

    Well you still need to distribute the header logo as part of the template and hence add it there. You also need to customize the settings document since the choices are hardcoded there so it only changes the place you need to make the modification so it basically comes down to whether you want to modify the mail or the NAB template.

    Not really an easy choice - I'll stick with the mail template option... :-)


  1. 8  Nathan T. Freeman  |

    "I believe Nathan crafted the code for this."

    Yeah. It just builds a list of available letterheads by doing a NoteCollection search. Simple stuff. But you have to distribute a common template to the audience.

  1. 9  Ben Rose |


    In case the comments above didn't summarise it...NO...there's isn't really an easy way.

    The letterhead customisation process has been pretty much the same from R4 to ND7 and it's always been reasonably simple but it's not completely easy, it's unsupported and it's very easy to break stuff if you don't know what you're doing.

  1. 10  Chuck Hauble  |

    wouldn't it be nice if there was a preference or notes.ini setting.. something like CustomMailLogo=

  1. 11  Alan Lepofsky |

    @10 - as @7 pointed out, you can now push these down to users via policies.

  1. 12  MarvinK  |

    @6 Where the hell do you work!?

    I think if we added letterhead, it would be for our corporate graphics and we'd have to set a policy that required use of it. We don't because it doesn't seem to send letterhead outside the company, and doesn't work unless everyone has the same custom mailbox design. I guess HTML signature is for advertising, more than the letterhead.

  1. 13  Chuck Hauble  |

    @11 - I guess I was refering to an easy way for end users to choose a custom logo, not necessarily from the template. Much like you can do with mail notification sounds today

  1. 14  David Vasta |

    if you do it using the default IBM templates that come with Domino it's a pain in the Domino. You can use the OpenNTF template and it is pretty easy that we. I sure wish someone would make it easy. The user sure do like them.


  1. 15  Alan Lepofsky |

    @13 - got ya. One of the issues with allowing users to choose from anything they want is that the recipients would not have that same image in their mail template's design, so the image would have to be mailed each and every time. By having the image choices stored in the template for the whole company, Notes does not have to email the chosen image, instead it takes note of which letterhead was chosen, and when the recipients open the memo, their mail template displays the proper image. Perhaps now with big drives and faster connection speeds, that point is not as important as it originally was.

  1. 16  Mick Moignard |

    I remember when letterheads first appeared having a question from a ciustoner who asked me how to get these to appear at his customers, and I had to explain how email is transferred over the internet, in those days.

    I would have thought that custom letterheads fall totally into the vanity class - totally pointless. Alan says it all in @15 as to why. Much better is to use a decent HTML signature which *does* get outside the Notes environment.

    Shameless plug: go see my current series of articles at Dominopower on just this topic, and download the signature generator app there.

    Mick Moignard

  1. 17  Brian Green  |

    @15 - well said.

    @16 - I like that about letterheads. We can show our favorite college football team to internal users (employees), but our external customers (via Internal mail) do not see these special letterheads.

  1. 18  Bill  |

    Has anyone receive a message from the Incredimail { Link } client?

    Talk about bloated messages! I had a coworker send me a short message and it was about 30K of HTML and animated images.

    But if you want fancy crap in your email, that's the way to go.

    At yesterday's ND7 Live, Ed said a policy forces hime to send HTML mail. YUCK. I have one list that requires plain text. I had a policy puched on me that switched me to HTML and I lost a magnum opus posting when it was rejected.

    Our spam filters offer the ability to strip all incoming HTML parts and I would love to turn tat feature on. Management of course felt differently. But think of the enhanced security... No embedded links to malicious code that automatically open, no automatically opening tracking bugs, etc.

  1. 19  Richard Sampson  |

    @18 - I too have a loathing for HTML emails, especially ones that reference external servers for graphics etc. So much so that I set up web proxy in my location documents so that they point at loopback (

    It protects me against accidental opening of spam emails with false-graphic reference tracking type things embedded in them.

    I might leave one location document that doesn't have a proxy set up, so that any html emails that I actually want to read can still be read, but for the most part html mails are just deleted.

  1. 20  Jamie  |

    We've published this to our end users, works for version 5.x and 6.x. I've had to remove all the graphics, but if someone would like a copy of the full version, send me an e-mail.


    You would like to modify your letterhead in Lotus Notes so that it shows a custom graphic. Please note that this letterhead will only be visible to AAA employees as external email clients may not support this feature.


    The first thing you want to do is find and save the image file for your letterhead on your hard drive.

    Next go into Lotus Notes and open your mailbox. The first thing we must do is go into the Tools icon and select Preferences. A new window will open up and you will then select the Letterhead tab on the screen below:

    Scroll down in the letterhead section and highlight the Plain Text choice. Click the OK button to exit this window.

    Now go to the Stationery view in your mailbox. The image below highlights where you will locate the stationery view

    Click on the New Stationery Icon and select Personal Stationery from the drop down list. You will now be presented with a new memo form. Single click your mouse pointer in the Subject line and then go to the File Menu -> and click on Document properties. You will see a window similar to the one below:

    Highlight the middle tab (see above) and your window should resemble the one above. Click the import button, and locate your image file from your computer, then put a check mark in the Do Not Tile Graphic box. You should now see your icon in the letterhead. Click the Save icon, give your letterhead a name and you are finished!

    Next you are ready to use your Letterhead go the Stationery view and click the New Memo Icon -> Select Stationery (from the menu) and you can compose and send your memo to all your AAA Colleagues.

  1. 21  ankit gilla  |

    Dear sir,

    I want to change my lotus domino letter head . Help me

  1. 22  kenneth NA |

    Dear Sir,

    I intend to add a special remark from the user's letterhead of some specific users. For example, the standard letterhead will consist of the user's name follows by the date/time below. Hence, I wish to add a small box with a special remark in it for some specific users only. I tried to design one and import into the designer's image resource but it cannot be found in the Notes client via the letterhead selections.

    Please kindly enlighten me as this is the first time I am handling the assignment from my boss in which I am not a developer nor programmer.

    Thanks and regards,


  1. 23  Alan Lepofsky |

    @22 if you are not a developer, this is going to be difficult for you.

    How to implement a custom letterhead in Notes 5.x or later - { Link }

    Creating a custom letterhead - { Link }

  1. 24  orea |

    Hello how can i change my letterhead in notes..I want to use a different one ..thanks

  1. 25  LIN |

    Hello I want to change letterhead in my custom 'lotus notes for different .

    Thank you

  1. 26  DC  |

    Greetings all,

    Me being a client side user of LN 6.5.2, was wondering if there is a way to ADD custom Logos to the existing ones. All the above discussed codes do seem to be somehow for the developers. Any programs out for the same ? :-)



  1. 27  Charles Robinson |

    There is no end user way to do this.

  1. 28  Roy  |

    Hi Jammie,

    According to the instruction in #20#, I have single clicked on the subject line, then imported custom image through Menu > Document Properties and finally saved it. But did not find any picture in the letterhead area. I am using Lotus Notes 7.

    Please help.

    Best Regards


  1. 29  Marcia  |

    Question: does anyone know how to change the logo on INCOMING email in Lotus Notes? I only get some stupid man-in-the-moon with a bloody nose. It really is getting on my nerves. I can't find a way to change the incoming mail letterhead, only outgoing. Of all the logos that would be more appropriate in business email, why they defaulted to the bloody moon is beyond me.

    Marcia Mason

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