I have over 100 pics on the digital camera from this week, but still haven't been on a high-speed link to upload them.  But I was really struck by the oddness of this taxi fare information that I had to get it online right away.
Image:I´m sure this fare structure makes sense to someone
OK, so let me get this straight -- that's 10 Euro-cents for every 65.36 meters in the first 3 km, and then EUR0.10 for every 72.46 meters thereafter.  What happens if you go 72.27 meters, does it round up?
And as far as waiting time -- EUR0.10 per 17.14 seconds.  I'll have to bring a stopwatch and a measuring tape next trip to gauge the accuracy of the taxi meter.  LOL -- I am sure there's a logical explanation somewhere of why everything is so fractionally measured?
None of this mattered anyway - the driver charged the flat 25 Euro fare for trips originating at Flughafen Frankfurt.  I have only taken a taxi from the airport once before, but I didn't remember the flat rate.

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