Well a pretty impressive day all the way around in Melbourne.
The Sheraton Towers Southbank is a winner, sad to say I was only there seven hours.  Definitely one of the nicer hotels of the year.
Started the morning off today with a business partner seminar; looked like a nice breakfast, too bad I never got a chance to eat it ;).  The muffin was fine, though.
From there, four customer meetings stacked up through the day.  Two were the famous merger/acquisition messaging standardization scenario -- one side Exchange/Outlook and the other Notes/Domino.  It's almost gotten to the point where I can predict the outcome based on a single meeting -- just from the questions asked and the body language.  At least one winner today, I'm pretty sure.
I also had a press interview somewhere in there -- kind of an entertaining one, as we were distracted for about ten minutes by an aggressive Aussie fly, which eventually got in the way of one of my typical excited hand gestures and met its maker.  An unusual reason to pause a press interview....
Didn't get to observe much about Melbourne, but a few quick, interesting tidbits --
1) Schweppes bottles one of my preferred drinks over here, lemon line & bitters.  It's not the same as having a barkeep put one together, but it was fine in a pinch.  I'll be looking for more of that the rest of this week.
2) In Melbourne's city centre, they have an interesting way of making right turns.  My colleague Peter called it a "hook turn", and it involves being in the left-most lane approaching the intersection, then hooking right after the traffic (both directions) clears.  I've heard of this in only one other place (Mexico), but apparently its the prescribed way to make such a turn.  Weird.
3) I'm always fascinated by Aussie slang, especially when so little of it is understandable.    Some of this trip's learnings -- "Do it up" for fastening or closing something, as in the seatbelt on the aeroplane.  Another that the local IBM communications manager tried to teach me was to say "no challenges" instead of "no worries".  But I asked around about this one, and it might be a regional thing in Melbourne only.
After a short (and earlier than planned) flight, I'm now at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Canberra. This is a wow for a whole different set of reasons.
The hotel was built in 1924.  It's just down the road from the imposing and impressive Parliament House, and is set on the shore of Lake Burley Griffin.  I am in a room in the original 1924 wing of the hotel, which is built in a Frank Lloyd Wright style and decorated in full art deco look and feel.  The windows and other furnishings are original, in fact the window glass has the character of multiple blemishes and imperfections.  The door still opens with a standard key.  There are roller shades on the windows.  Yet Hyatt has graciously upgraded the right modern amenities, including in-room high speed 'net access, a digital phone system and voicemail, and a fully (and nicely) stocked minibar.  I won't be needing that though -- I was upgraded to Regency Club privileges, which means that the evening drinks and canapes overlooking the lake are available.  Guess where you'll find me :)

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