7 days to join the Mac crowd

November 17 2005

A few weeks ago, I wondered whether it was time to buy a Mac.  I was on the fence, trying to decide whether to wait for the Intel chipset, whether it was the right machine, etc.  Well, my daughter made the choice simple.  When we went into the local Apple store, she sat down at the iMac G5 and played for 20 minutes straight, with almost no help from me or anyone else.  3½ year olds don't always feature that kind of attention span, but I could see she was really into it.  Thus, the decision was done.  The fact that it has all sorts of goodies which will help dad's photography, audio collection, and everything else multimedia certainly helps.

So, next Wednesday, day before the US Thanksgiving holiday, I'll be picking up the new machine (thanks, Bob!).  The question now is, besides Dora the Explorer, what are the other "must have" software programs for the first few days of Machood?  I figure posting this today will give me enough time to get ready -- especially since I won't be able to run to the Apple store (or CompUSA or whatever) on Thanksgiving for new stuff.

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