Confession time -- as a nearly-lifelong Chicago-area resident, I have never been on an airplane bearing the name Continental Airlines.  Even with flying 100K miles per year for many years, there's never been a reason to be aboard CO.  I've hit all the other major US airlines (though not yet some of the recent startups like jetBlue, Frontier, etc.), but not this one of the big 5.

So today, when a very last-minute trip to see a customer in central Michigan came up, and the best possible routing was on Continental through Cleveland, I was actually excited about having to take a connecting flight.  Got to the airport early, where I ran into David Via from Ferris Research/Wolcott Systems.  Went to the gate, sat down in the seat, and started looking at the route map, with its exotic hub in Guam, and zillions of European flights, and connecting complex in Houston.

Not five minutes after the door was closed, a weather delay was announced.  One that would make us miss our connection in Cleveland.  After a short debate, support VP Doug Cox and I decided that the only obvious decision was to punt on CO, and switch to Northwest going nonstop into Detroit.  We'll be driving for a while tonight, but we'll get there.

This is the so-called glamorous life of the business traveller.  One whose geeky desire for flying yet another new airline, almost achieved, will have to wait again for another day.

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