In a recent blog discussion, I happened to mention an IBM license construct called Application-Specific Licensing.  A few people have emailed or pinged to ask what I was talking about, and I figured this was quickly becoming an FAQ.

ASL is a way to bundle IBM software with an IBM Business Partner solution.  It is different than an OEM agreement (we have those too) because in an OEM agreement, the IBM software is more like an embedded approach, while in an ASL, the IBM software runs like it always does, just bundled together with the partner solution.

As our website says:

Integrate it...Bundle it...Sell it...All as part of a single solution to your customer. One contract. One face to your customer. One agreement that allows you to ship the IBM software as part of your solution to your customers around the world.
An ASL would therefore be attractive to someone who created, for example, a Domino application that runs on XPages, but isn't otherwise tied to a customer investment in Notes/Domino.  The ISV wouldn't have to convince the customer to separately buy Domino, the ISV sells a solution inclusive of the Domino license needed to run that solution.

ASL for Domino is something we've only recently been doing, though the ASL concept is not new for Software Group overall.  Over the years, many partners have approached me about a way to do exactly what an ASL does, and now we have it... and while I do not wish to negotiate pricing through the blog, the pricing for an ASL is different than the Passport Advantage price.  Maybe this will make it easier to explore the concept of selling Domino-based solutions into organizations that are not using Notes/Domino today.

Link: IBM Application-Specific Licensing >

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