A few of the blogs picked this up from yesterday's IBM announcement, but nary a peep in terms of commentary...

Effective on the dates listed below, IBM will withdraw support from the following product release(s) licensed under the IBM International Program License Agreement:
5724-E62   7.0.1    04/30/11   IBM Lotus Notes/Domino
5724-E62   7.0.3    04/30/11   IBM Lotus Notes/Domino
5724-E62   7.0.4    04/30/11   IBM Lotus Notes/Domino
5724-E62   7.0.0    04/30/11   IBM Lotus Notes/Domino
Notes/Domino 7 originally shipped in September, 2005.  We made this decision a couple of months ago...at a time when the 7.x codestream had already become the least-prevalent version of Notes/Domino active in market today (8.x is the majority/most prevalent, followed by 6.5, followed by 7).  With upgrades to 8.x well underway, a solid 7.0.4 maintenance release, and an 18-month runway before end of mainstream support for 7.x, it feels like the right time to make the call.

Link: IBM.com: Software withdrawal: IBM Lotus Notes, Domino, and Enterprise Integrator 7.0.x >

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