A blogger named Arno rants about how he doesn't like the usability of Lotus Notes:

So when talking about Lotus Notes (the client only, as this is all I know about), I will not lose my temper. I will not raise my voice. I will quietly continue voting on the "Software Tools of Dirt"-Page (in German) each time it crashes, and launch my little KillNotes.exe so I can restart it without having to reboot. I will let others do the cursing and complaining (Interface Hall of Shame or I hate Notes come to my mind), and will only talk about some experiences I went through just the last couple of days.
Arno, just an FYI, your screen shots are from Notes R5, which shipped in 1999.  Update: Alan Lepofsky notes that the screen shot actually looks like Notes R4.5, which shipped in December, 1996.  See this page on developerWorks for what appears to be confirmation.

I would happily offer to have a demonstration of Notes 7, which shipped two months ago, set up for you, but your blog does not allow comments and does not have any contact information.  Anyone know Arno?

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