The number of Americans who work during their vacations has nearly doubled in the last decade, with the laptop computer replacing the cellular phone as the most useful tool for working on holiday.

Some 43 percent of office workers said they work on vacation, compared with 23 percent in a survey taken in 1995, said the poll conducted for Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Steelcase Inc., a designer and maker of office furniture.
Yeah, yeah, I know, y'all said I should put away the laptop.  Well, I think I am about to for another 48-hour stretch, until I'm back in Chicago on Friday morning at least. Fear not, gentle readers...while I have indeed been online here and there, my inbox count continues to rise, I haven't checked voicemail, nobody has called my cell phone... and "we are drinking beer at noon on Tuesday, in a bar that faces a giant carwash" (or something like that, and no, I'm not in LA).  Most of my laptop time has been fun time, well, except a lot of negative comments on the last few blog postings!

Link: Boston Globe: Laptops in tow, more Americans work on vacation > (via Peter O'Kelly)

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