Blogger Jeff Sandgren recently caught up with IBM Vice President of Social Software Jeff Schick, and talked about IBM's adoption of social software and how it fits our culture:

“When I started out,” Jeff explained, “you went to the same office most days, where you actually saw people, and got to know people.  In the distributed mobile workforce today, it’s harder to build those relationships.  But it’s terribly important – it’s foundational to trust-building.” ...

But it’s not all about software.  Rather, it’s about utilizing software tools to enable better collaboration.  IBM puts “real money” behind focus areas, says Schick, through events like their IBM Jams, ideation affairs that bring together collaborators on focused agendas.  In fact, the seemingly omnipresent “Smarter Planet” campaign came from just such a Jam.
Some good background on Schick's career as well as the success of Lotus Connections.

Link: BrandTech News: Tasting Notes: Vintage IBM >

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